Apparent Presidential Aging


Recently, pre and 'post' images of Obama surfaced and became popular on various social media networks.  It is well known that American presidents age 'fast', in fact research shows a position as head of state substantially increases mortality risk.  Using, a facial recognition service powered by Microsoft's Machine Learning Group, we investigated the apparent aging rates of the last four presidents.  Our work shows that Clinton aged at the greatest rate, 2.9 years of aging for every year in office, and that Bush Senior aged naturally at one year per year.  Interestingly, Obama aged 1.1 years for every year in office, just slightly above chronological age.



William Jefferson Clinton


Aged at nearly three times a 'natural' rate.


George W Bush

Aged 1.7 years per year.








Barack Obama

Aged at 1.1 years per year.






George HW Bush

Aged at one year per year.

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Control Study

In an effort to test the accuracy and precision of the aging tool, we conducted a brief control study. Three 'participants' of a known age were assessed with the tool, Drake, Edward Snowden and myself.  As can be seen in the below figure, is accurate within a few years for each of the three participants.




Briefly, each 'apparent age' was determined from no fewer than three images and was subsequently analyzed by  State of the Union photos were used for presidential apparent age determinations.

Photo source 1, photo source 2.