Celebrity Deaths in 2016: 21 Celebrities died in December

Twenty-one celebrities died in Dec. 2016 a rate that is 61% higher than the next most deadly month.

The Year 2016 has been marked by peculiar events.  Donald Trump won the US Presidential race despite losing the popular vote by 2.9 million votes and we also saw many celebrity deaths.  In 2016 we lost Prince and  Princess Leia, George Michael and David bowie, Muhammad Ali and Arnold Palmer,  as well more than 120 other celebrities. The interactive figure below reflects these celebrity deaths from 2016 in chronologic order.


Data 1, 2

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Tributes to a few of the lost Icons


Carrie Fisher - 60-years-old


George Michael - 53-years-old




David Bowie - 69-years-old

Prince - 57-years-old


Gene Wilder - 83-years-old


Muhammad Ali - 74-years-old


Dave Mirra - 41-years-old


Elie Wiesel - 87-years-old


Merle Haggard - 79-years-old



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Samuel Bennett is a hobby data analyst, teacher and an elite MTB racer.  He can be reached here.