Prevalence of Depression by Industry


Few studies have investigated the relationship between occupation and prevalence of depression.  In one such study, published here, researchers examined 55 industries and looked at depression as well as other indicators of psychological stress.  The major findings of the study were:

  1.  Industries with frequent and complex interactions with the public, i.e., service workers, were disproportionately represented;
  2. Manufacturing workers experienced depression at lower rates than average;
  3. 'Emotional labor' likely contributes to depression;
  4. Industries that experience more interpersonal conflict and encounters with difficult people have higher depression prevalence.


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Depression Prevalence by Occupation

The aforementioned study looking at depression prevalence by industry also ranked occupations by depression prevalence.  These data were charted and visualized in Figure 4.  Bus drivers, realtors and social workers were among the most highly depressed workers in the survey of 55 industries.






Samuel Bennett is a hobby data analyst, teacher and an elite MTB racer.  He can be reached here.