Reddit Gold

Since the inception of the reddit gold program in 2013 through July 27th of this year, 633,403 comments or posts have been gilded.  Reddit gold is often gifted by users for what are ostensibly funny, thought provoking or otherwise noteworthy comments and or posts.  Since 2013 more Jan 2.5 million dollars worth of Reddit gold has been gifted.


Reddit Gold: Trump, Obama and Sanders

Trump recently took part in an AMA, or Ask Me Anything, a reddit post where the public can ask questions and interact with a celebrity, scientist, or otherwise noteworthy individual. In Trump's case the AMA was speculated to be a bit contrived, where the questions were preselected.

The below figure shows a few statistics comparing the reddit gold activity when Trump, Obama and Sanders conducted AMAs. As can be seen, Trump's reddit comments were 100% gilded, compared to 30% and 18% for Obama and Sanders, respectively. Trump's AMA also earned more gold than Obama and Sanders, the post garnered 112 gildings compared to 2 for POTUS and 8 for Bernie.  Interestingly, Obama's AMA, compared to Trump's, earned nearly 10 times the karma.


Samuel Bennett is a hobby data analyst, teacher and an elite MTB racer.  He can be reached here.