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Worldwide Smartphone Sales: Apple Continues to Lose Market Share

Apple iOS hit the market in 2007 and was quickly joined by Android phones near the end of 2008.  In the Fourth quarter of 2008, iOS had 10.5% while Android had an initial share of only 1.5%.  Since, 2008, Android has steadily outpaced Apple and in 2016, Q3 Android had 87.8% of the market while Apple had 11.5% of the worldwide smartphone market.



The above and below figures show worldwide smartphone sales by quarter.  The data were taken from here.





Apple Losing Profits Too

For most of 2015 Apple collected more than 90% of the smartphone profits.  Over that same time Samsung was the only other manufacturer with positive profits.  Beginning in  Quarter One of 2016, Apple lost market share value to Samsung.

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