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Insurance company payments to Republican lawmakers significantly outpaces funds to Democrats

One of President Trump's campaign promises was to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and the current Republican majority is moving toward that goal.  It has been argued that insurance monies play a role in shaping healthcare policy.  Below is a brief graphical representation of the Insurance Company payments to members of Congress.


The Top 20

The first figure reflects the top 20 recipients of insurance dollars.  In all 16 Republicans and 4 Democrats made the list and took home nearly $8.7 million USD.  A full list of contributions to Congress can be found here.

Payments by Party

The House  The following figures reflect payments by party and shows that Congressional Republicans accepted more than $29 million while Democrats accepted more than $17 million.  In the House, the average Republican received $72,278 compared to $50,705 for the average Democrat. 


The Senate In 2016, the average Republican senator received $145,368 and the average Democrat received $83,897.  In total, Republican Senators accepted $17.8 million while Senate Democrats accepted $9.4 million.

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