Independent Voter Registration At An All-time High


In an election climate where the candidates representing the two prevailing parties have record high unfavorability ratings, it is not surprising to learn that Independent voter registration is at an all-time high.  A recent article by Henry Enten of FiveThirtyEight, shows that Trump has a net unfavorability rating of 53% and Clinton chalks up a score of 37%.  To put these figures in perspective, GW Bush had the previous rating record of 32%, which itself was an outlier.

Given the current political climate it becomes clear why many voters are opting out of party affiliations.  In 2014, 45% of registered voters were Independent, a figure that represents an all-time high.  Looking at the below figure we see that not only does the Independent group, nearly represent the majority of Americans, but that Republican and Democrat Party affiliations are waning to near historic lows.

When more than half of all Americans have an unfavorable view of the Republican frontrunner and more than a third view the Democratic hopeful unfavorably, is it not time to rethink the 2 party system?  When the majority of American don't subscribe to the partisan politics, why does the system endure?

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