The Minority Vote and The Next Presidential Election

The above figure shows the net favorability ratings of 2016 presidential candidates by blacks, hispanics and the American public.


Obama's successful presidential bids in 2008 and 2012 were bolstered by the minority vote, specifically, the record black voter turnouts.  In fact, black voting rates in 2012 exceed white voting rates for the first time, ever.  In 2012, 66.2% of black voters casted ballots, with 64.1% of eligible white voters placing a vote.   Some argue that the 'Minority Vote' will again become a critical component of a successful 2016 presidential campaign.  


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The above figure shows the results of a recent polling of Black Voters that indicates Clinton to have a commanding lead.


Willingness to vote for a presidential candidate of various backgrounds

How Does a Candidate's Background Influence Voters

The demographics of the voter clearly matter, but how do the demographics of the candidates influence potential voters? In a recent Gallup Poll, voters were surveyed about their willingness to vote for a candidate based on religious beliefs, race and sexual preferences.  Key highlights include the fact that atheists and socialists are the lease desirable candidates and also that roughly 90% of voters  would vote for a woman, a black or a hispanic.