Performance Enhancing Drug Use By Sport


In a previous article we showed that athletes that participate in technical sports are more likely to use alcohol and drugs than similar athletes from endurance or strength based sports.  In addition, team-based sports are more likely to see increased alcohol use compared to individual sports, i.e. lacrosse v. golf.  In this article we investigated the use of performance enhancing drugs by athletes from a variety of sports.  Similar to the aforementioned analysis, we see that lacrosse and ice hockey players are often most likely to use PEDs as well as recreational drugs.  Interestingly, in this PED analysis we also see that baseball players  are among the top users of several of the drugs.  



- jsFiddle demo

The above figure reports the most recent survey data on substance use in NCAA sports.  The values in each box report the overall percentage of use over the previous 12 month period.  As we can see from the above figure, Baseball, Lacrosse and Hockey players have the highest performance enhancing drug use rates for most drugs.  


Static Version of Visualization

Samuel Bennett is a hobby data analyst, teacher and MTB racer.  He can be reached here.