Super Bowl 50 Jersey Sales 


In Super Bowl 50, this Sunday February 7th, the #1 defense of the Denver Broncos will meet the #1 offense of the Carolina Panthers.  The Super Bowl game is one of the Nation's largest sporting events, garnering some 114 million viewers in 2015.  A with any big sporting event, bets will be placed, and many of those bets will be based on data, a hunch or perhaps a more unique approach.  NFL analysts have largely chosen the Panthers to win, in this poll of analysts, 90% picked the Panthers to triumph?  In our analysis, we investigated who the American public believes will win Super Bowl 50.  


ebay Store - Advantage Newton

For our research, we analyzed jersey sales on both ebay and the NFL shop.  We found that Newton jerseys outsold Manning jerseys in both shops and that overall Panther jersey sales were 16% of ebay sales yesterday while the Broncos jerseys sales comprised on 14.5% of the sales on ebay.

This figure represents the percent of jersey sales, by player, sold via eBay on Feb 5th, 2016. (n=200)


NFL Shop - Advantage Newton

The NFL shop maintains a list of best selling jerseys, using their data from April of last year through the end of Jan '16 we see that Cam Newton jerseys outsold Manning jerseys.


Earlier this week, ebay released team merchandise Super Bowl sales data. The online merchant produced data that shows that here in the US, a large geographic area is Bronco country, see image below.

Geographic Area: Edge Manning


All-time Best Selling Bowl Jersey - Advantage Manning

 Below is an additional figure from the report showing that Manning is the all-time best selling Super Bowl player.

So who will win SB50?  According to the analysts and the American consumer choices, it is unclear.