Beard & mustache transplants are up 300% in the US over the last decade

Pubic and chest hair transplants up slightly


Beards are trendy.  A key component of the new 'Lumbersexual' look, beards are sweeping the nation and the world.  In fact, beards are currently so desirable that 'less-fortunate' men are willing to pay up to $15,000, to add a bit of fur to the face.   In a 2001 study, researchers showed that beard prevalence increases 'when they [men] have difficulty obtaining spouses'.  Beards are popular.  A recent article suggests that beard transplants are up more than 600% and r/beards has more than 100K subscribers.  This article also provides reasoning as to why men might consider a transplant.  

          "Beards are seen as a symbol of power and virility. Lacking length elsewhere? Let the beard boost your man                                credentials."               

To gain a better understanding of the current #beardtransplant movement, I looked into the data from the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery and put the following figures together. 



This figure reports the number of pubic, chest and facial hair procedures performed in the US and Asia.


Why do patients seek hair procedures?

Figure reports motivation for treatment as a percent.


Top Cosmetic Surgeries for US Men

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