Rising Student Tuition In The US


In  South Africa, a recent proposal for an 11.5% increase in college tuition by the next year, was met with violent student protests.  While 11.5% was the maximum proposed, the value is still significant.  While these events are far from home in the US, would a similar increase in college tuition be met with the same backlash?  How does this proposed rate increase compare to tuition increases in the US?  Below, we see tuition increases by state over the past 4 years and also the 1-year percent increases.  

While the average tuition increase last year was 3.1%, students in the US state of Louisiana saw real tuition increases of 10.7%.  Over the last 4 years, students in 4 states have experiences tuition increases of 50% or more.




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Tuition Increase 2013/14 to 2014/15



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